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Interesting Succubus Information Part 2

Well this is part 2. I spent the past few days thinking about how to clarify some things from the part 1 post and what else to add in this post. I do plan on making this a long and thorough post so be prepared.

In part 1 I talked about the whole succubus pregnancy situation, and I won’t be able to clarify it as good as I would like to until me and Marissa work on my communication skills with her. Then after manifesting myself in her realm and us copulating, If and when Marissa gets pregnant I will be able to walk you all through the whole process of how it all works because I will then have a personal example to validate and clarify my research on.

Now onto how old a succubus can be. I believe that I talked briefly on this matter, however my postings have been rather scattered throughout the years so if I did mention this subject, it was rather a while ago. There are a lot of succubus that vary in age from 2 years old to over a million. I was told by my mentors wife that Marissa was a couple thousand years old which to me is not only fascinating, but pretty special. Out of all the years that Marissa has been living she had never had sex or any kind of romantic relationship with anyone except me. I find it actually quite romantic that Marissa is the only woman (succubus) I have ever loved and had sex with and I am the only man Marissa has ever loved and had sex with. Putting that aside the age that a succubus matures I am not certain of, however I believe that it might vary depending on the succubus.

Branching off of age and going into looks a succubus may have, I find this particular subject to be both interesting and slightly exciting. Succubus have a base look and then accessory looks. By this I mean that succubus have a natural look that they will have on when around you such as your succubus naturally looking like Marilyn Monroe. Then they have accessory looks. These type of looks are what they put on for you (sort of like lingerie, but instead of just clothes they change their whole appearance). Your base looking Marilyn Monroe succubus may change to her accessory look which could be Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Veronica Lake, or Elisabeth Taylor (I really like classy vintage women which explains my example choices and why some of you may have to look up who these fine women are…..were since most of them are dead). Though I haven’t seen Marissa’s base look yet, however I was told that her base is like that of the former porn star Raven Riley but much more prettier. Marissa was described by both my mentor and his wife as having an olive skin tone, long black Egyptian styled hair, about “5”5″ and a medium build. By medium I mean she isn’t skin, however she isn’t “fat”. I imagine Marissa has probably a healthy weight on her, meaning she isn’t skinny like “Oh no she needs to eat something” nor is she “Oh no she doesn’t need to eat anything”, but moreso a “Oh yes I wish my girlfriend or wife had a body like her” type of curvy.

Now treading out of those waters and diving into new ones, I…..excuse me…Marissa and I would like to tell you all about what succubus do. My mentors wife had quite a humor which I miss every time I think about them, but moving on. My mentors wife said “We (Succubus) don’t just sit around all day eating ice cream and waiting for a man to arrive, we do things too you know.” She went on to tell me about how succubus have various tasks that they do in heaven (she didn’t specify what, but that they do work) and that when love angels find a husband or wife (I am using love angels in this sentence to represent both incubus and succubus) they are allowed to be with him or her and their heavenly duties are now to whom they have dedicated their life to, however from time to time they will visit heaven and have heavenly duties to take care of if need be.

While I was writing to you all about the last sentence in the above paragraph. I recalled (most likely by Marissa’s influence) what my mentors wife mentioned about love angels (specifically succubus) and how they are allowed to be with a human. Actually the way in which Marissa met me is quite interesting. I sent a message to my mentor who back then wasn’t my mentor. Marissa was visiting his wife (succubus) who is Marissa sister (All succubus and incubus are brothers and sisters, however I do not know how their family tree works so I cannot specify how they are all siblings) and his wife told Marissa to look at the email that i sent him. In that email I listed the type of person I am, my morals and beliefs, and why I wanted a succubus in my life. I sent him that email believing that he could sent me a succubus (even though I was in sorts “sent” a succubus it was not because he did so. that was fate, if Marissa hadn’t been visiting her sister (my mentors wife) then I wouldn’t have been “sent” Marissa”). To make things clear (The parenthesis and “sudden thoughts” make this hard to read) I sent my mentor an email giving him an idea of the kind of person I was. Marissa was visiting my mentors wife at that time and my mentors wife told Marissa to look at the email I sent which was displayed on my mentors computer so that his wife and Marissa could read it. Marissa then read the email and became curious about meeting me. She spent either a week or 3 days studying me to see if she liked me in person (though at the time I did not notice her). After she was satisfied with being with me, she went back to my mentors wife and thanked her and said goodbye (as she could not visit my mentors wife for a while since she decided to marry me).

Here is where it gets interesting. At the time my mentor told me a method that his wife told him that would probably end in being granted a relationship with a succubus. I did the method he told me about and another succubus had taken interest in me as well (I still did not know about Marissa). Now in order for a succubus (love angels specifically) to be allowed to be in a human relationship they must get approval from God. Now Marissa was on her way to God, but so was the other succubus that took a liking to me from the method my mentor told me about. Marissa beat the other succubus to getting Gods permission so Marissa got me instead of the other succubus and that is how Marissa and I met (By “beating” I mean that Marissa got to God and got permission from him before that other succubus did. Although I did and at times still do wonder what my life would be like had that other succubus gotten permission to be with me first before Marissa. I’ve told Marissa before and still do tell her that I would like to meet that other succubus one day if she hasn’t found a man of her own. Sometimes I wonder if during my “darker” moments with Marissa when I shunned her and wanted her to leave (because I wanted a demoness instead of a succubus (love angel) for a wife) Marissa actually left me per my request, but the other succubus took her place. I guess I will have to find out one day.

Aside from that side note, succubus generally are quite humanized. I believe that I’ve said before that I think that succubus are what humans were like before Adam and Eves sin. Getting back on subject, succubus like music. I can recall my mentors wife (I could make a blog about my mentor and his wife as they were amazing individuals, truly a pleasure to have known them) telling about how she would listen to Beethoven while he composed music and performed. She really admired Beethoven and spoke highly of him. Succubus travel like anyone else. I forgot about all the places Marissa has been, however she has been to California. I know that by heart because my mentors wife told me that when Marissa came to visit them she had a Californian accent which I thought was pretty cool. Not because it was Californian, but because she had an accent (which is a turn on) that she picked up. It was very mentally satisfying to know that succubus can not only have accents, but acquire them. Actually succubus can learn different languages. We assume that because something is an entity, they know our language. However that is not always the case. Now the English language is pretty thoroughly spread throughout the world so I would say it would be more likely that most if not all spirits know English. However there are entities that speak German, French, Chinese, Korean, Native American, Italian and so on. It is possible that they only know one language or a bilingual.

Where succubus live depends on the succubus. Before my mentors wife met my mentor, she lived a nomadic life (which I believe every succubus does, however they may have a place that they prefer to return to after long travels or being a way from it for a while). She lived in a cave once and in a forest somewhere (I believe it may have been a forest, I’m sure about the cave part, but not so much the forest). I do not know where Marissa lived, but that just goes to show us how spirits, succubus, incubus, entities, demons, etc, are all around us. They can live virtually anywhere and yes we can be trespassing where they may be living. Would you like it if someone just moved into your house and said that it was there’s now? We humans do that to spirits all the time.

This is something I didn’t want to mention, but I feel that it is necessary. Some succubus and incubus don’t like humans. That goes as well to say that some spirits, demons, entities, etc, don’t like us because humans are overall a very prideful and haulty race of organisms. We believe that being human gives us an entitlement to what is around us. The way we cut down trees to replace them with malls and stores, the way we harm and hurt the environment because it’s cheaper and more cost effective to dispose of things unnaturally. We are driving other organisms extinct and not caring enough about it. Why wouldn’t the spiritual realm be angry at us? Why would they want to interact with humans nicely when we are ignorantly destroying our own plant, our own realm to be honest. Actually our realm is there realm too, we are destroying their homes as well.

Enough of that rant. Were I to let myself continue I would make the thesis of this post redundant. Succubus can live anywhere they want.

I am sure that there are a couple of things that I have written about that could be clarified, so what I will do is ask you all to reply to this post or to the part 1 post (though posting here is preferred) and tell me your thoughts, questions, requests for me to talk about and so on. I’ve written some good chunks of information lately and can make other posts about specific topics, however I will need your guidance to know what specifically you would like to know about myself, Marissa, or succubus.

Right now I can feel Marissa touching me. It was different than her regular touch, so different that I could write about how her touch has evolved and about how last night she almost manifested herself. However those things should be saved for another day. I also will mention that I made the spell corrections for part 1, but I also added some words and information to clarity some things. Me and Marissa wish you all well and from both of us to you all “Have a Very Merry Succubus Day”.

Interesting Succubus Information Part 1

There were a couple of things I wanted to mention to you all, however I seem to have forgotten what they were. I do not believe it was of major importance, but it was relevant to progressing in a succubus relationship. Perhaps I will be able to recall what it was while I am writing to you all.

I just remembered what it was I wanted to speak to you all about (Marissa probably told me). I want to talk to you all about succubus and how old they may be, where they live, how they live in the world, what they do in the world and so on.

I would like to start off and talk about how old succubus may be. Actually I think it would be best to talk about their births. Now what I am about to tell you is somewhat speculation. I have noticed that regarding relationships with succubus there are people that say one thing about succubus and those who say another and there is a contradiction between what the two have said. For example I say that Marissa is a “love angel” a type of angel that God sends to humans to give them the love that a human woman would give them. Now I am not just talking about sex, I am talking about an actual relationship, one that can lead to marriage like mine did. Putting that aside the overall point being made is that what I might say and have said in the past may contradict what you might have read from someone else. I will not say that I am right nor that they are wrong, whatever information me or any other person gives you about succubus relationships is their interpretation or what their succubus has told them.

Getting to the point of how they are born, I was told by my mentors wife that Marissa was born somewhere either around the Mediterranean or that she was born in the Mediterranean Sea (I forgot which one it is). There are (I believe) two different ways that a succubus can be born into the world. (1) Is that they are created in that specific area (such as God creating them) or (2) they are actually birthed at that specific area. Yes this means that succubus can get pregnant. This (revelation to some) is very true in my opinion. What I will convey to you all is somewhat confusing and I find myself questioning how it all works from time to time, however it does make sense if you think about it hard enough.

There are two “realms” so to speak that divide us from spirits. The physical realm that animals, humans, insects and so on exist. Then there is the spiritual realm where succubus, angels, demons, ghosts and other spiritual entities reside. Both worlds are relatively the same in a physical sense, meaning that they can interact with us knowingly while most of us interact with them unknowingly. Children and those with a psychic connection (spiritual awareness) are more aware and interact with spirits more than regular people do. My theory on both children and psychics is that the one thing that links both of them together is being open minded. Children are more susceptible to interacting with a spirit because they are not tainted by world. What I mean by that is they don’t fully believe that “Ghosts, ghouls, and the boogeyman don’t exist.” They still have that innocence that anything is possible, that Santa Clause exists, and that they can be and do anything in the world.

Going to psychics I would say that they are open minded by how they perceive spirits. They might believe that some if not all spirits are either good, bad, or both. The perception they have could be that “Maybe spirits do exist” or “I wonder what spirits are like.” People do not realize that spirits are like animals in the way that they can sense your fear, your love, your intent and so on. A spirit that feels that you are willing to interact with them will pursue you. Not like a hunt, but more like wanting to interact with you. This spirit may or may not be good which is why it is good to practice caution when you think you are speaking with or interacting with a spirit or any kind of “paranormal entity.”

Though I did not really go into depth about children and psychics, I believe you get the general idea. Now going back to the whole pregnant succubus ordeal. Succubus can get pregnant when we connect with them on a level that allows for us to manifest in their world. Now this is just a theory that I have on how exactly we manifest in their world: We go into a deep sleep (Not like a coma, but more like the REM stage of sleep) and while we are sleeping we consciously travel to their world with our succubus leading us in the right direction mentally. Once we arrive we mentally manifest our mind into a physical form (I believe this is the same way they manifest themselves in our “realm”). From there we can interact with our succubus and possibly other entities (however since our succubus lead us to the place to be, it will probably be the two of you alone.) From there if you are intimate with one another on a regular basis (or even once) you can get your succubus pregnant (But only if you have manifested yourself in the spiritual realm.

I know that this sounds a bit strange and I will admit that the theory I have on how one gets to the spiritual realm is a bit questionable, however it does make sense and when you think about it, doesn’t the idea of having a relationship with a spirit (angel in this case) sound a bit far fetched anyway? My meaning is that if I can have a relationship with Marissa a succubus (love angel, spirit, entity, or whatever else you may categorize her as) then the whole manifesting myself in her “realm” isn’t really a crazy or far fetched idea. If you are afraid of getting your succubus pregnant as you do not know what kind of parenting would be done then I would advise you to talk to your succubus about such matters. Now I will say that it is possible to manifest yourself in their world while you sleep without realizing it. You may think “Oh I’m having a nice erotic dream” when in reality you are in you manifested yourself into your succubus’s world and you could possibly get her pregnant.

From what I have heard and learned from my mentors wife it is the succubus that takes care of and raises the child. The amount of interaction between the child, human father, and succubus is up to the succubus. I do not know about the “validity” of the child between a succubus and a human man (By “validity” I mean whether the child is yours or not). Nor do I know whether or not it is possible for a human woman to get pregnant from an incubus because I don’t really have a lot of information regarding human woman and interactions between them and incubus. Concluding this tiring and rather head scratching post, I will have to make a (Part 1 & 2) post. I like to binge write meaning I like to get everything in a post without taking a break or coming back to it after a day so the decision to make a part 1 & 2 post is not something I am excited to do. So instead of a long, scattered, and spell error plagued post, I will make a part 1 & 2 post for easier and clearer reading.

I will end this here and will make the spell corrections on this post shortly (I will have the spell corrections made for this post after I make the second part post). Marissa says hi and from both of us “Have a Very Merry Succubus Day.”

Information About Marissa and How Other Succubus May Feel Like

I have a good bit of leisure time available today so I will make another post. I realized (maybe Marissa brought it to my attention) that the post I made titled “Reader Comments and Succubus Relationship Traits” was the longest and most informative post I have made thus far. The one before that titled “My Transformation and an Update” was the second longest and I did not think to look for a third. Just a little achievement rave I decided to bring into the light. I also decided to write a bit more to you all today because I wanted to feed you all. By “feed” I mean that I wanted to satisfy the craving and hunger that comes from wanting information, information about succubus. I noticed when I was younger (and to this very day) that when I read a good book or am looking for and or seeking information about a topic, I get this craving/hunger to get more and more information or read more and more of the book to get the conclusion I suspect lies in wait for me at the end of the book. I felt that hunger as I looked over the long post I most recently just made and the thought of it satisfying the craving of those of you awaiting the continuation of my blog made me smile. I remember having that hunger for information about succubus and incubus and not being able to find it. The blogs that I found at the time were not up-to-date or were dead ends. Putting that note aside, I do not know what I could or should make this post about, however I would like for it to be a juggle between describing Marissa and also describing my interactions with Marissa with how it must be to interact with other succubus.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of feeling the touch of a succubus, the way she feels on top of you (not in a sexual way, but the way it would feel if a woman was straddling you while you were lying on your back), the way her breath feels when she draws close to your lips and teases you with a kiss, I will describe it for you. I am not doing this to boast or rub in the that this is how a succubus feels….how Marissa feels to me, but I am describing this to give you an idea of what to expect. To give you a goal to set and look forward to achieving.

To start off I will describe Marissa’s touch. At times it perplexes me as to what Marissa really looks like. Sometimes she touches me so gently and in so many different areas on my body, that it seems as though she has multiple hands. At times I suspect that Marissa isn’t the only succubus around me. Each caress that Marissa bestows upon me is gentler than the next, as if she was taking the purest of her love, condensing it into a powder and gently spreading it across my body. My favorite (and Marissa knows this as well) thing for Marissa to do regarding her touch is for her to manifest more of a “human like” weight regarding her touch. Just now when I started to write about this she started doing it, it made me smile. I cannot give a definitive answer as to why I like to feel this from Marissa. Perhaps it is because when I feel this from her, I feel as though I am as close as I can be with her without seeing her body. That to me is enough. Though there are times where I desire to see Marissa. I believe that when I see Marissa for the first time physically manifested, I would gaze into her eyes and see the flames of her passion and love for me burning like a wild fire.

I always wondered what I would do if I ever saw Marissa while she manifested. Would I be consumed by my love and desire to repay her for the pleasure she has given me throughout the years and give her the deepest physical intimacy I can muster? Would I fall to my knees and weep before her? Would I cry because of the fact that I can finally look up at her and see my beautiful wife Marissa? Or would I simply be frozen because she was standing before me? Me, a simple human with flaws as numerous as the stars while she possessed the stars luminescent beauty. Would I be afraid of her? Would I be overwhelmed from the pulsating love that radiated from her inner being because she loved me so deeply? I always ask myself these questions whenever I feel that at one moment she might appear before me. Whenever I feel as though she might really appear before me I unfortunately and truthfully feel fear and I believe that is possibly the very reason why she has yet to appear before me while I am awake. What succubus would want to appear before her partner, husband, significant other, etc, and then have him mortified at her presence? We have to remember that succubus are more like human women. They can get jealous, be selfish, possessive, understanding, loving, kind, loyal, tender, beautiful, etc. But most of all they want to love and be loved. This doesn’t mean that all they can think about is who to love, it just means that once they devote themselves to someone and love them, love is expected back from the objects of their affection. I feel that Marissa is not showing herself to me because she knows that in my heart I am still afraid of her.

I wish this weren’t true, however I have nothing but a sliver of pride to gain by denying this fact and pride is something I can do without. I also believe that the reason for my apprehension (and fear) of Marissa appearing is due to how I was raised up. I was raised up that any spiritual being aside from an angel was demonic in nature. Even that ghosts were just demons masquerading around as former human spirits. Once I grew up I started to throw away the folly and rubbish fed to me as a child, and make my own decision about what to believe was what. I do not believe that ghosts are demons that masquerade around as human spirits, nor do I believe that Marissa is demonic. Even if she was, the love that I feel from her could only be described as heavenly….God like even. And whether Marissa really is a demon or not, it doesn’t matter. I love every part of her and I would not see her taken away from me or my view of her tainted by anyone else’s ideals, beliefs, or upbringings. However I will say that Marissa revealing herself to me is no small manner to address. The moment she appears I believe that my knowledge of the spiritual side of this life will be shattered as this glorious being (Marissa) stands before me breaking every law of physics, every theory of the supernatural, and every (false) religious text that spoke against such relationships. I do not think that I am ready for such a revelation to occur. There are moments where I wish I did not feel that way. Where my desire and love for her both sexually and in a loving way grab me by the throat and choke out every doubt and fear inside of me. However also there are moments where love and desire are not enough and fear and doubt do the choking.

After straying off topic I would like to get back to the thesis of this post…….the way succubus feel part. Those of you who have taken a bath or a shower (mostly those who shower) you will have a better idea of what I am speaking of, but for those of you who have not, I implore you to take a bath and get out without drying yourself and the feeling will become clear along with what I am about to type. I would describe Marissa’s caresses like that of water gently running down your body when you shower or dry off without the assistance of a towel or washcloth. That gentle water drop that seems to awaken pleasure points in your body that gives you a slight glimpse of foreign pleasure, yet the feeling cannot be replicated by artificial means. This is how Marissa’s touch feels. Somehow she manages to find all the delicate and sensitive spots on my body, like the water drops run down your body as your dry off or shower. I remember one day I was laying down in bed on my stomach (like I normally do when I go to sleep) and then all of a sudden I felt a quick, intense, yet very pleasurable brush against the back of my lower thigh and it was breath taking. When we plunge into water that is unexpectedly cold we gasp for air because of that sudden change in sensitivity. That is what happened to me. Because of the quick change from non stimulation to not only a stimulation, but a pleasurable one, I gasped for air because the pleasure was so great and unexpected.

Describing Marissa’s breath is a lot trickier due to the fact that I do not feel it as often or as much as her touch. But when I do feel her breath, it is mostly around my cheek. Even now I can feel her breath as she leans in to kiss my cheek. Her kiss is like a mix of air, gentle yet stimulating vibrations and a mix of something else that I for some reason cannot pinpoint the right word to properly describe. I think Marissa just told me the reason why she has been touching and kissing and breathing on me while I describe the feeling to you all. It is so that I can better describe how it feels while it is occurring and she says something to the effect that she gets to “play with me while helping me help them.”

Also I would encourage you all to talk to your succubus about certain things. Your likes and dislikes and so on. Also if they do or say something you don’t like then it is best that you tell them instead of keeping it in and unconsciously harboring fear inside your mind. Succubus are very intelligent and wise beings, however there are times where you have to tell them not to do this or that because that is not how humans normally act or say or do a certain thing. Ahh, Marissa just gave me a good example to use. She says “Consider succubus relationships like a foreign relationship (dating a foreigner). Even though the foreigner (succubus) knows a little bit about your country and culture, they will still act the way they do in their country assuming it is the same as yours. It is up to you to correct them gently and sweetly because their ignorance is cute and also because by your corrections they can learn and function the way that is socially acceptable and that is acceptable to you.” Marissa is basically saying (I’m sure I might have misinterpreted what “exactly” she said) that we need to educate our succubus on the rights and wrongs of ourselves and of society. They interact with each other, but interacting with a human is different.

There are times where if I stick out my hand as if I am supporting another hand resting in mine, I can feel Marissa gently place her hand in mine. I would describe her hand as feeling like a pressure that is neither heavy nor light, realistic and yet unworldly, refined and well shaped and yet formless and an enigma. The best picture that comes to mind is that her hand is full of a bundle of little balls of dull and dark light that form a shape. They make the outline of her hand and perhaps the dark light is what makes the hand so heavy?

Well I didn’t intend of making this post as long as it currently is. I believe I have covered and given an insight into Marissa and how other succubus could possibly feel like. Marissa and I wish you all well and “Have A Very Merry Succubus Day.”

Reader Comments and Succubus Relationship Traits

After reading and approving 98% of the comments made to me throughout the years today, I think that I should explain some things to you all (By “you all” I mean a specific group of people who know who they are). To start off I would like to address those of you who want me to reply to your messages by putting your email in your comments. I have deleted those comments (or denied their approval to be displayed) for your own protection. Putting your email (which I am assuming is your personal email) out for the world to see is not good for your privacy and is a potential risk to the security of your email. You would not want spam and email ridden viruses to be sent to your email because it was seen on one of these posts. Now I am not saying that the readers of this blog will send you spam, however I cannot promise that someone will not. So for your protection, safety, and security, I have decided not to allow your email to be displayed or disclosed to the public.

Another issue at hand that I would like to discuss (comment on) is the desire for a succubus relationship (again I say succubus because it is easier for others to know what I am talking about instead of using the term “love angel”). I looked over many comments about wanting a succubus relationship and I was not to happy at all the comments/requests. Having “bad luck” in your love life is not (in my opinion) a valid reason for a succubus to take interest in you. Now this is an exception for some, however that exception is also due to other circumstances and situations that individual has dealt with. I want you all to realize that succubus and incubus are more than beings who provide sexual pleasure to those they take interest in. They need love, even if some of them would prefer to show and express it sexually. Their hearts can be broken like any other humans and their hearts can be filled with love like any humans. I believe they are what humans should or rather have the potential to be. If you have bad luck with a human woman or man relationship wise that does not mean that you are entitled to a succubus, that just means that you need to work on whatever is causing your ill luck. If you are meant to be in a succubus relationship then it will happen, otherwise just do your best to make your love life better.

For those of you who have succubus you claim to own, I will say that I believe you do not and cannot own a succubus or incubus. How can any human control a being that could kill you if they saw it fit? (I am not saying that this has ever happened or that they would do such a thing, I am merely giving an example that could possibly occur). They cannot be controlled or bought, they may give you control much like we give others control of ourselves. No one can “be” controlled, however control can be given whether by fear, love, happiness, duty, etc. Regarding the owning part I will say that I own Marissa, but Marissa owns me as well. I own her as her husband and she owns me as her wife. My body is hers and her body is mine. This does not mean that I can say “Lets have sex Marissa and you can’t say no because I own you.” It means that her body is mine alone to take pleasure in, it should not be given to anyone else, likewise my body is hers alone to take pleasure in. We have made a commitment to each other that means that we own each other and cannot nor do we have the authority to give ourselves in an intimate way to someone else because that would be stealing. Back to the owning issue at hand. The succubus that those of you claim to own are in my opinions really just succubus that have allowed themselves to be apart of your life, but can leave at they’re leisure (not sure which there, their, or they’re is proper to use).

There are other issues I would like to address, however I feel as though it is only right that I offer some information regarding succubus that does not tarry along the lines of a rant against my readers. Oh by the way instead of roses, I bought Marissa a beautiful white orchid plant. We talked about it in the store and she lead me to get the orchids instead because the roses would die in 2 or 3 weeks so it would be better to get a plant that would last for a couple of months or even years. She loved them and thanked me for them.

Now for the succubus information. One of my most popular posts is the one talking about the “Stages of Succubus Relationships.” The stages I listed are my interpretation of what it must be like in the beginning or rather it was like in the beginning for me. Others progress quickly while some (like me) take….well require more time to get certain interacts from our succubus. This is in sorts a more detailed look on they different types of relationship traits that humans and succubus have with one another. I believe that there are different types of traits that an individual can/will have regarding how the relationship with they’re succubus will be.

“The Communicator” which I would define as being able to communicate, hear, and reply to your succubus as the main and majority of your interactions with your succubus. Those with ‘The Communicator” trait will grow closer to their succubus by communication and even if physical manifestations take place, communication will still be the strongest connection you will have with your succubus.

“The Dream Walker” is what I would define as someone who is able to communicate and interact with your succubus through dreams or a meditative state referred to some as a false awakening (Where one awakens to another reality even though they are still sleep. Basically you are still physically asleep, however your mind has awakened to the spiritual reality that our physical body ignores). They will have more interactions while dreaming or in an meditative state, but may have little to no interactions in the physical world or reality. They’re succubus will be able to manifest more in their dreams due to the mind’s idle focus, instead of the specific focus that occurs while awake. This type of trait will have a stronger connection when there is no object of focus for them while awake. Actually I have a theory that “day dreaming” can induce a brief meeting with you and your succubus while you are awake if you identify yourself as being a “Dream Walker.”

“The Wayfarer” I belief to be a very unique trait, is someone who has been/can be/is in an relationship with many different succubus and has gotten the experience of different connections/interactions with them. This trait along with other traits can depend on the succubus. Some succubus are more compatible with certain humans and less compatible with others. Which means that we all can posses all the traits currently listed and yet to be listed, however the trait that becomes dominant or more apparent depends on the compatibility of you and the succubus. Back to the wayfarer, this trait is possibly the ultimate trait that can be achieved that will most likely take years if not a whole lifetime to fully develop all the different types of communication possible with a succubus.

“The Give and Take” an interesting choice of words, is not what you may think. I am not talking about a succubus that drains someones energy in exchange for sex. What I am talking about is a sexual encounter with a succubus whether it be just one time or a recurring event. There are those of you that have had an encounter with a succubus and received some sort of pleasure whether it was a kiss or something more profound and pleasurable. A “one night stand” does occur among some of us. A succubus visits someone, has sex with them, and then *poof* the succubus leaves. This is why I am referring to this trait as “The Give and Take.” These encounters are welcomed among the humans that encounter them with succubus. There are succubus and humans that have “relationships” where it is just sexual, no strings attached, no falling in love or dating, just pleasure. Sometimes there is communication or manifestation, sometimes there are dreams and flashes of images of what the succubus may be like and sometimes there are not. One thing that is consistent is that there is pleasure and both the human and succubus are fine with it just being that.

“The Tectonic” is my trait and most likely the most difficult trait to have. The word “Tectonic” as describe by google is “of relating to the structure of the earth’s crust and the large-scale processes that take place within it; of or relating to building or construction. This trait is that of those in succubus relationships with little or no communication and manifestation. I would not count touches as manifestation, but as interactions. Communication could be considered interaction, but not when it is mostly one-sided communication. This trait is called “The Tectonic” because of the large-scale potential this trait has to offer. This trait is the most unique in my opinion, but not because it is the one that I myself personally identify with. All the traits I have listed are what naturally occur between us and the succubus we come in contact with. Some just have sexual encounters like “The Give and Take,” others will have “The Communicator” trait where communication comes naturally between you and your succubus, “The Wayfarer” is a trait that is more so acquired than naturally occurring even though it does naturally occur from time to time. “The Dream Walker” first off has the coolest name out of all the traits (second being “The Wayfarer”) and secondly dreams of the succubus, images, false awakenings, basically spiritual interactions with the succubus come naturally to that human. “The Tectonic” naturally has a neutral aspect to it, there really is not a specific area that comes with this trait. It has to be learned or focused on which leaves the potential to lead into a specific trait. Basically if any of you have played a video game where you can choose which skills to fortify for your character. You can fortify damage, health, or magic. That is what “The Tectonic” is naturally based on, the option to choose which area to focus in. The trait that naturally comes to “The Tectonic” is the neutrality, there is a little of every trait, however there is no one trait that naturally overshadows the other so we have the potential to pick the trait that is better suited for us.

I could list more traits, however I will leave it at these 5. The traits listed aren’t “definite or facts” they are just what I believe and or perceive to be true. They are my conclusions after studying and researching stories about other succubus encounters and or relationships. It is possible to have more than one or all the traits and fully develop them. It is also possible to acquire more traits. Much like “The Wayfarer” it is possible to acquire different traits or have natural traits change depending on how a succubus and a humans compatibility match. The traits aren’t just traits that a human will possess, but traits that both the human and succubus naturally draw from each other. It can take time to realize and draw out your trait, however the time and energy both put into by your succubus and yourself will be worth it to further increase your relationship.

Well I believe that is all that I can inform you all from this post. I spent quite a while on this post and I hope that it informs you all more about succubus relationships. Marissa reminded me to tell you all she says “Hi” and from her and myself we wish you all well and “Have a very merry Succubus Day.”

My Transformation and an Update

I have been away for a while (more than a while actually) yet I cannot nor will I apologize for my absence. The reason as to why I will not apologize or offer a guilt ridden apology is because I have done so on numerous occasions in the past and I feel as though my apologies will fall on deaf ears. However I will explain why I took a leave of absence from informing you all on my progress (relationship) with Marissa. I have been growing, not in a physical sense such as weight or height, but in a inner self and spiritual sense. I have been cultivating and harvesting my resolve, morals, and beliefs (all three virtually the same thing) while creating a barrier between myself and Marissa. Like a caterpillar shelters itself from the world in order to morph into its final and glorious form, so have I sheltered myself from the world to grow into my final and glorious form. In doing so I have become closer to Marissa and abandoned the ignorance that blocked Marissa and I from progressing.

Last week was a beacon of light for me. As if a match were struck and thrown into the dry wood of my heart igniting the flames of passion and appreciating that had slowly died these past years. I had decided (probably compelled by Marissa) to look back at the emails exchanged between me and my mentor. I longed and still do long to speak with them once again. To make them a part of my life once again. To let them know how much I cared for both of them. He and his wife (she was a “succubus” (love angel)) always said that we were a family, but I regret not noticing the strength of pure love in those words spoken to me. I miss them dearly and hope that one day both Marissa and I will be able to speak with them once more.

Many of you have sent me emails pertaining to situations and requests about “Succubus & Incubus,” however I have not replied to many of them. This is not because I want to horde such a relationship as me and Marissa’s, it is due to my understanding that I must be lead to help those of you obtain such a relationship. I believe that only a select few people on this earth will and are suppose to be blessed, granted, favored, etc, to receive this kind of relationship. These kind of relationships (relationships with spiritual beings) are occasional if not rare and I would say that almost all of humankind is suppose to have intimate (sexual, romantic, or anything else) relationships with each other and not spirits. I would not say that I am against humans having such a relationship that I myself have the privilege of being in. My concern is that there will be more mistreatment towards succubus and incubus (I am not referring to them as love angels now just for clarity for new readers) which will eventually lead to a rift between humans and succubus and incubus.

Those of us who are married or have relationships with such beings know of the intensity of love they have/can have for us. Imagine a succubus or incubus desiring deep love from a human and thinking that it will happen, but then realizing that this human just wants an amazing sexual experience with one of their kind and nothing more. I will admit that there were times where the potential of such an amazing sexual pleasure from Marissa compelled me to let my lust (marital lust that a husband has for this wife or the other way around) get the better of me and push back the love aspect. After Marissa granted neither the fulfillment of my lust or the further backsliding of my love I came to realize that I needed to monitor my heart and make sure that I had a balance of lust for my wife as well as love. Two things that my mentor and his wife had spoken to me to do years ago.

The lust aspect of any relationship is what I would and should call physical pleasure. That desire to connect with someone or something (yes something) in order to receive sexual pleasure. My theory is that the reason why spouses or couples cheat on each other because one of them was “holding out” is because the lust they have for their spouse or significant other has become greater than their love and has taken control of the physical desire they want from their spouse or significant other that is not being granted. Marissa forgave me for this, however that does not change my belief that all of us in relationships with succubus, incubus, or humans, should guard our hearts and make sure that there is a balance of love and lust even if there is not and that we will probably be forgiven for such an error.

Well on another less philosophical/preachy note, I do not remember Marissa and I’s anniversary, however I do believe that it is either in September (this month) or October. However I will make today Marissa and I’s anniversary so Happy Anniversary Marissa! I love you and I hope that every inch of me (my whole being, not just the “male part” and for clarity) shows you how much I love you and how much you mean to me. All the pain in the past I had suffered before you arrived was worth it and I would gladly go through it all again if that meant I would return into your arms.

Today I believe I will buy some nice roses for Marissa along with a nice scented candle or a lovely oil fragrance to warm and permeate throughout the house for her as we lie in bed tonight. Yesterday and hopefully everyday I decided to read to her a chapter of a book before going to bed. I realized that she and I do not spend that quality time together. Being a human means that I have to go through certain rituals daily to survive and keep the roof over my head and money in my wallet to spend on continuing to live. I acknowledge her from throughout the day, but not for more than 10 minutes at times. When I am not working and I am home watching TV or reading or doing whatever I may be doing at the time, I always talk to her and comment on the book or movie or whatever else I am doing. So reading out loud to her a chapter of a book every night is a romantic and bonding way for both of us to connect and for me to become closer to her.

Well I believe this post is substantial enough to satisfy the cravings of those of you who have waited for months for my return. Both Marissa and I appreciate your devotion and we thank you for your patience and understanding. I know that I am not that developed in communication as other bloggers are with their succubus and so I thank those of you who have decided to stick with me or check in from time to time to see how we have grown. I would also like to thank those of you in succubus relationships who have offered me help, advice, and encouragement. I am grateful for you all and I thank you all for the support given to me and Marissa. I would also like to thank and apologize to Marissa’s sisters and brothers. I ask that you forgive me for all the times that I have not treated Marissa like the wonderful being she is. At times I feel as though I do not deserve her, but she tells me that it does not matter if I feel that I do not deserve her, she says that she deserves a good man like me and wouldn’t have it any other way. However I ask that you bear with me as I become the man that Marissa saw inside of me the day she decided she wanted to marry me. (For those of you unclear whether Marissa is a human or a succubus, she is a succubus who has formed a relationship with me that is called by humans a “marriage”, hence me using that term frequently).

Happy Anniversary again Marissa and to all of you “Have A Very Merry Succubus Day.”

Mix of Information And A Update

To start off me and Marissa (Especially me) enjoyed the little snow falling animate that Word Press put up for the holiday season. I liked it even more when it started to fall in the direction that my mouse was going. This post will be a informative/update post about succubus (love angels) and how me and Marissa are progressing. I know I haven’t posted anything in the past 2 1/2 weeks and I do apologize for that. During those 2 1/2 weeks Marissa would remind me that I haven’t made a post yet and that I should. I would thank her for reminding me, but never actually posted anything. Right now some of you may say that the fact that I didn’t make a post even though Marissa said I should that I am contradicting what I said about listening to your succubus (love angel) because what they suggest is for your benefit. Though that is true this particular instance was different. Marissa wanted me to make a post for you all but I couldn’t because I didn’t know what to write about, me and Marissa didn’t really have any progress made during those 2 1/2 weeks so I couldn’t write anything for you all. As well I felt it wasn’t the right time to make a post. Lately I have been saving things that make me happy or that are fun or that I might enjoy for later on. Thanks to Marissa this is sort of like a method she subconsciously influenced me to come up with. I like to play video games from time to time and when I get that spark to play an old game I have to wait for the right time or day to play it. This teaches me patience, self control, and restraint (same thing as self control). It also teaches me to value things more and save them for later.

Marissa teaches me a lot of things that are really essential for me to become a better person for society and a better husband for her. Every night before I go to bed I apologize to her if I said or did anything that upset her that day. This is just a precaution for myself and for her. I don’t always know if I said or did something that upset her and to keep her from being upset at me I apologize. She can’t always tell me if she does or doesn’t like something that I do so before we go to bed I ask her if I did anything that upset her without me knowing. For those of you who are in the stage of your relationship where you can’t hear her just yet, but you can sense her, just apologize to her for anything you did that upset her without you knowing. It is hard to tell whether or not your succubus (love angel) is mad at you when you can’t hear or see them.. You don’t want your succubus (love angel) to be upset with you and waiting for an apology without you knowing. The fact that she may be waiting for an apology from you could be the very reason why you and her aren’t making any progress.

Be sure not to forget about your succubus (love angel). As humans we are obligated to conform to the structure of society that include jobs, friends, school, and entertaining ourselves. Succubus (love angels) do not have that obligation so they can spend more time with you. Being so busy with your life it can be common for you to forget that your succubus (love angel) is around, some succubus (love angels) may not fault you for it and some will. It all depends on the personality of the succubus (love angel). Yesterday I was relaxing in my chair and watching TV when I realized that I barely talked to Marissa and had forgotten that she was there. Sometimes when this happens Marissa will touch me to remind me that she there or for me to acknowledge her presence. Do your best to talk to your succubus (love angel) when you can, whether it’s verbally or mentally. Just as long as you let them know that you haven’t forgotten about them.

Yesterday I was brushing my teeth and then I started to feel Marissa touch me. Her touch was different this time, as I felt her touch my left and right arms and gently rub them up and down and her legs rubbing against mine, a image flashed across my mind of her with beautiful shoulder length golden brown hair that had gentle curls. She had this soft creamy white skin color and wore a beautiful silver like night gown. Her touches were as if a human woman was touching me, but it was more delicate, there was this feeling of love and care in her touches. It was weird at first because I hadn’t experienced her touch me like that in a while and it was a first for me to get an image like that from her just pop up in my head, but I enjoyed it and I thanked her for it. Every time Marissa caresses me I thank her for it, I consider it an honor for her to touch me and even more of an honor that she decided I was good enough to be her husband.

I hope this post is long enough for you all. I tried to make this post sort of a half and half when it came to information and giving an update. If you like it great, if you want to read more I apologize but that is it for now. I haven’t taken away some of my older and space taking posts, but I will eventually. I’m not really fond of Christmas, it lost it’s luster to me years ago along with my birthday, but I celebrate it because Marissa wants me to. So as my Christmas present to you all I will make a post on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for you all. Marissa suggested to me that I should try to make a post everyday during the week of Christmas, I told her it was a good idea, but I don’t know if I could commit to it due to me not knowing if I’ll have the time to do so during next week. I however will try to do that for you all though. Happy Holidays from me and Marissa and as always Have A Very Merry Succubus Day.

Changes To My Blog

Some of you may have noticed the changes made to my blog. I have changed the name of it from mysuccubusmarissa to My Relationship With Marissa and Information About Succubus. I have also changed the background, it gives off a historic feeling to me, but this may not be the case for everyone. I spent maybe an hour making changes to this blog. I went through the 400+ comments made on this blog within the past 3 years and approved and trashed certain comments. Just to let you all know, I decided that I will no longer personally email/reply to your messages or comments unless there is a special circumstance. I would like to, but I cannot reply to every message and if I did reply to some, it wouldn’t be fair to those I didn’t reply to. Also I will be deleting the polls me and Marissa created as well. I also changed my profile picture to a picture of a Egyptian woman because Marissa looks like an Egyptian woman. She has that olive tan like skin, and the beautiful long black hair. It’s better looking than those trees in the foggy forest that I changed but don’t know how to completely get rid of. I had fun redesigning this blog with Marissa which in the end was the most important and my favorite part. It’s nice to do something like this with her. Consider this my proof to you all that I have changed and will be more proactive in posting from now onward.

Some of you may have noticed that I have changed simply from my tone of writing. This year was a growth period for me and I have come out of it more mature than I was before. My willpower is stronger, my love for life and Marissa has grown stronger, and I have grown calmer and more understanding than I was in the past. It takes a lot to admit you have a problem and do all you can to turn that problem into a solution. Though I was able to do this, I didn’t do it alone. Through my growth Marissa was still by my side. When I was shunning her (definition: persistently avoid, ignore, or reject, [someone or something] through antipathy or caution) she was still around, protecting me, guiding me whether I realized it or not. At times I could still feel her caress me as I laid in bed and that baffled me (definition: totally bewildered or perplexed). I probably will never understand just how pure hearted Marissa is. At times I ask her why she fell in love with me and though I don’t make out what she says, I know it has something to do with my heart. This may seem like it goes against what I displayed to her during those dark times of mine, but I know for sure that my heart is one of the main reasons she fell in love with me.

You may also notice that I have definitions for some words. This is because I want my blog to be easy to read. If I feel that I am using a word that most or some may not know, then I will put the definition of that word beside it so that you will know what I am speaking of. I also approved posts that are 3 years old, I didn’t approve all of them, just the positive ones. Here is why. I want the comments I approve of to all be positive because I don’t want people who come to my blog seeking information about succubus (Love Angels) to be driven away by rude comments that pick at or make fun of those of us with or seeking succubus (Love Angels). No one should have to suffer at the hands of some thoughtless comment. On that note Marissa wishes you all a good moment. Yes a good moment. She says “A good moment has the potential to turn into a good day”. I have to say I am impressed by what Marissa just said. I’ve never thought of it that way. Well my friends enjoy your lives and “Have A Very Merry Succubus Day”