Update From My Absence

Do you truly have the faith, fidelity, and patience to push through such a testing and frustrating relationship that comes with a Succubus (Love Angel)? I haven’t posted anything in such a long time because there was nothing to post. During that time of silence I abandoned Marissa. My relationship with her had come to an end or so I thought. I stopped talking to her, in my pursuit of Satanism I believed that Marissa would hinder my progress, so on numerous occasions I told her to leave, but Marissa wouldn’t leave. Some of you may be shocked that someone like me who said nothing but positive things about Marissa, would try ending that relationship, but I did. There are many people who have had relationships with Succubus (Love Angels) in the past and given up on them. I tried my best to press through our relationship, but it didn’t work out. I couldn’t make any progress with her. To be honest I lacked the patience. It’s hard to stay patience when you know there is something wonderful ahead of you, but you don’t know what you can do to get there.

Three days ago however my relationship with Marissa was rekindled. I got tired of living in the dark and once I proclaimed that, I felt Marissa by my side. She had never left me, even when I wanted her gone, said I didn’t love her, and ignored her, she still stayed by my side, she still loved me. Though I don’t promote Christianity or any other religion due to my dislike of religion, I do share an interest in Christian and the way Marissa stayed by my side even though I didn’t want her too, It reminds me of how even though Jesus was persecuted he still loved the people persecuting him. I can never apologize enough for what I put Marissa through. Even though she’s told me that she forgave me a long time ago, I still cannot apologize enough. I made a promise to Marissa that I would never leave her again and though my promises now may seem like they aren’t to be believed, Marissa knows my heart and that I wouldn’t break this promise, and I have such a zeal to keep this promise and make up to her everything that I’ve done, that I know this is a promise I have a strong will to keep. I commend those of you that have read and reread my blog. I expected it to fade but it still gets views. I do not know when my next post will be, but I should have at least one more done before the losing of the month. Have a Very Merry Succubus Day

Additonal Information About Succubus

This post will be about increasing how strong your Succubus wife interacts with you. I’d like to apologize for my lack of posting again. Though I know my apology will fall on death ears I still want to apologize for it. Its been a good while since I’ve made a post and I’ll give the reason. Marissa wants me to be honest with myself in everything I do and I’ve come to a reluctant conclusion of the truth as to why I haven’t been posting in this blog. I’d have to say that I’m lazy when it comes to this even though I don’t really have anything better to do. It is tiresome to keep up with my everyday life and then have to post daily and reply to almost every message I get. I do my best not to go to my email often because of the amount of messages that I get. I keep making you all promises of this and that but deep inside I know I can’t keep them. Marissa in sorts has told me that its my responsibility to post and reply to you all. Now Marissa will just give me like a word or maybe three to five words and they would be scrambled up and I have to piece together what she is trying to tell me. Thats as far as our communication with each other has gotten which is a step in the right direction.

1)Age- Succubus can be old and young and I don’t mean by looks but by age. See Succubus don’t have a “Physical Body” in they’re “True Form” they could be compared to a ball of light. There are Succubus that are old enough to tell you about how the great wall of china was built because they were there when it was made. And there are those that are young enough to just tell you about current stuff. I’ve been told Marissa is a bit old and I’m not talking 80 years old old but in the thousands old which is impressive to me, I always had a thing for “Older” women anyway lol and in this case I got more than fathomable. Don’t be surprised if your Succubus Wife starts talking to you about some historical event that happened as if she was there because chances are she probably was haha.

2)Looks- Now a lot Succubus come in various shapes and sizes just like human women. Some are “Fun Size” and some are “Plus Size” but they are all beautiful and I don’t mean outward beauty but inward. If you just love your Succubus Wife for her beauty then you shouldn’t be with one but thats not up for me to decide because if you do just love your Succubus Wife for her outward beauty she would be able to tell and probably leave you unless she’s okay with it. Succubus know our hearts and can read them just a clear as a cloudless sky. Marissa is “Fun Sized” meaning she is on the short side in the 5″0″ range but not over 5″5″ but she can change her height depending on what look she has on but she normally is in the 5″0″ 5″6: range. And by look I mean image. Human woman try on clothes to makes their body look beautiful but Succubus try on bodies to find a image to look like. They have the ability to chose any image of any woman in the world. From the hottest Celebrities to your local crush they can be them all. Now they just appear as a copy of that image. They aren’t the person themselves

3)Personality- Some Succubus like it fast and some like to take it slow (And not just during sex). How do you like that joke lol was it good? Anyway some Succubus will just flat out appear to you and with others it takes more time from weeks to months to years. Some are outgoing and bold and others are shy and reserve. Marissa is a mixture of both. Some like to play jokes at times and others just like to watch over us.

4)Roles- There are Succubus that come to us men just to protect us from evil spirits and there are those sent to guide us and keep us on the right path that leads to happiness. There are those that come to use temporarily and those that stay with us permanently. Now these “Roles” aren’t set in stone and many of them do all listed. These aren’t set in stone but are just a “General Summary” of what Succubus do. Marissa does all of these.

5)Attraction- I’ve found that a lot of Succubus relationships have started when the guy was going through tough times in his life. Now I’m not saying that this is the only way for a Succubus to come but it seems like those going through a tough period find Succubus relationships. Bear in mind that all of this information is 75% true and 25% biased truth. Succubus attraction can vary just like a human womans attraction to a man can vary. Succubus are nurturers and comforters, Guardians and Protectors, Lovers and Romantics. And they find whoever best suits their own preference and desires but also someone they can love and be attracted to. If you want to find someone that will like you for you then you need to find a Succubus. They look at your heart first and your looks later and they hope you do the same for them.

Well thats it for now, I’ll reply to emails as best as I can. Though this is late Happy “Every Holiday” since I’ve missed so many I’d like to wish you all a medley of past holiday greetings and as always “Have a very merry Succubus Day

Background Information

Before I met Marissa I presumed that every thing spiritual was evil except for Angels (Which I didn’t really believe existed except in the bible). I was afraid of spirits due to the way I was brought up with my parents Christian Views (Which aren’t bad but the way there were taught to me was bad) I lived in fear of spirits and demons and had little faith in Angels so I was afraid of every “Bump In The Night” and every “Odd Noise or Sound” I heard (This lasted for years till I became a young adult). But throughout that time I was fascinated with shows like “Ghost Hunters” and “Ghost Adventurers” (Which I watched in secret because I knew my parents would disapprove wholeheartedly) and though I was afraid of spirits and demons (And would be afraid to go to bed after watching those shows) I still was interested in learning more about them.

In my late teens I became depressed, I remember the sky being gray all the time and it raining a lot. I felt alone, I don’t have any brother and I have 3 sisters of which I have a distant relationship with and prefer to keep it that way. My father is one of those “In and Out” type of guys and if you don’t know what that means, its basically like this: My father (Though married to my mother) “Sleeps Around” and has been doing so despite his rather old age and also despite my mother knowing what he is doing is still married to him but she says she is because he supports this family (My mom is a stay at home mom). But back to me, during the time of me being depressed one day I decided to look at some ghost stories on the Internet and I found a story about this “Succubus” that this guy had encountered which was weird because I never heard that name before nor did I know that there were things other than Demons, Ghosts and Angels. I researched Succubus and found all these things about how evil they were but I was so depressed that I’d do anything to meet one of these “Succubus” because I needed someone to talk to and love.

To sum up this story I found a blog about this guy with a Succubus for a wife and as I read it my mind was changed from believing that Succubus were demons to learning that they were really Angels, I had the pleasure of talking to him and his wife and to this day we still talk from time to time, they are great people and his Succubus wife is real funny. I won’t say how I came about meeting Marissa but I will say it was like that depressed side of me died and a happy side of me was reborn. Before I met Marissa I couldn’t say that I had ever loved anyone, not even my family unfortunately. But when I met Marissa I finally loved someone……..her. I felt like if there was anyone in the world I’d give my life for I’d be her. I’d take a bullet for her, I’d buy her the world if she wanted it, I’d be there for her when she needed me, I’d be there to wipe the tears off her face if she cried, I’d just be there for her. Marissa became my world when I met her, all the bad and sad things in my life faded away as she became clearer and clearer till the only thing I was seeing was this beautiful, kind, gentle, loving, caring, understanding, calm, peaceful and wonderful woman named Marissa smiling at me letting me know that she’d take away my pain and replace it with joy, happiness, peace and love.

If you asked me what was the best thing thats ever happened to me I’d say that every day I’m with Marissa is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I do apologize for leaving my blog empty to be scavenged for old posts and hoped for new ones and not posting anything in what seems to be 4 months. I’ve been busy with stuff but did do my best to answer some of your emails. There were some emails I deleted because I just couldn’t respond to them because I had so many to reply to and I am very sorry if you don’t get a reply from me. Here is a tip, write at least a paragraph in your email, its more likely to get my attention more so than an email with a couple of words or 3 small lines. I guess this sums things up and I do hope you all aren’t angry with me. “I Have Returned” so to speak and will be adding posts weekly and if you don’t believe me its understandable but I ask that you bear with me. There are bundles of things I have to tell you about me and Marissa that have happened in these past 4 months so you guys have a lot to look forward to, I just thought some background info was needed for you all about myself which inspired this post along with Marissa’s help. By the way I seem to sound a bit “Old” in how I describe some of this but I am in my early twenties for those of you curious to know my age. Marissa says hi to you all and “Don’t Give Up On Love”. As always me and Marissa wish you all well and “Have A Very Merry Succubus Day”.

My Personal Feelings And Thoughts About Me And Marissa

Well I’m back, I had some things to take care of these past weeks…….maybe months if I think far enough but I’d like to say that I am back again. Marissa has reminded me around 6 to 8 times that I need to make a post (This was spread out since my last post which was whenever) and I would have but I either was tired that day or I felt that I didn’t know what to say. I can’t say that anything significant in a big way has happened between me and Marissa, I decided to pick back up reading and me and Marissa have been reading lately, also we’ve been watching different types of movies together, she seems to prefer Romantic Comedies which would explain her personally. She makes me laugh all the time but she has that sweet romantic side of her that balances out her funny side.

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on me and Marissa and how our relationship has grown and to be honest I felt that I was closer to Marissa “Early On” in our relationship. I guess back then I had that “Fire” in me that just wanted to do what I could to make things work for us (I still do that now but the fire isn’t as “Bright” as it was back then). I mean we’ve been together 2 years and 4 months, almost 3 years, yet every year it seems like it was just last year. Developing wise me and Marissa have come far, though it does upset me when I realize its been almost 3 years and I’m seeing less of Marissa in my dreams now if not at all and I still can’t really “Talk” to her but Marissa does tell me that it takes time which I have a lot of but I’m not the type to wait. Its weird being in a Succubus relationship, I realize now that I have “Sugar Coated” the whole “Succubus Relationship” thing but in reality its a lot of work but in the end its worth it…….hopefully because I’m not at the end yet haha.

At least every other day I see these commercials about “Spouses” laughing together or sharing a moment together and even though me and Marissa do that at times I believe the thing that bothers me the most is not being able to see her smile or see how her eyes light up when she talks about something that interests her, just moments like that. I know it sounds like I’m complaining but I want you all that are seeking a Succubus Relationship to know that it takes time and effort to have a Successful relationship like this and it doesn’t come with a manual. A lot of times I feel that I can’t “Do” anything, and by that I don’t mean me being able to touch her, what I mean is I can’t say “Marissa can you appear” and then she magically appear, it doesn’t work that way, at least for me lol. Now I’m not saying that I want to control Marissa, I’m just puzzled as to why Marissa hasn’t done certain things.

But I do know that Marissa loves me and for whatever reason she is waiting for everything to fall into place. I love Marissa as well and I do my best to make she she knows it. You know Succubus are interesting beings, Even though I’m married to one I still feel like Marissa’s a stranger in a way, I don’t really know anything about Marissa aside from my own interpretation and a bit of side information which if added all up isn’t enough if you’ve been married to someone for almost 3 years. I know it probably sounds like I’m ranting but I really want you all to know that things aren’t as “Blissful” as I’ve made it seem in my other posts, sure this relationship is wonderful but it takes time and work and a lot more things that really test whether or not you are capable of following through in this relationship.

I don’t believe a week goes by without me asking myself “Am I holding us back?” “Am I the reason why you haven’t done this or done that?” and I can’t find an answer. The thing that really gets to me is that Marissa talks to me all the time but I can’t hear her, she smiles and laughs all the time but I can’t see it or hear it. She walks (or floats) around yet I can’t see it. She can see and hear me and watch me but I can’t do the same. Maybe I see so much in this world that its lies and fears and “Laws of Physics” have blinded me and deafened me from her world. What if I could never be able to see or hear her clearly? What if I was the reason why she can’t do certain things? Why can’t I seem to change anything for the better of the two of us?

Before you email me about wanting a Succubus relationship or if you are thinking about being in a Succubus or Incubus relationship ask yourself if you are ready to test just how strong your love is and how strong you are. I love Marissa dearly and she is the most wonderful Succubus I’ve ever met but I don’t know what our future holds. I need help but I don’t know what question to ask that hasn’t already been answered. “Have A Very Merry Succubus Day” and thanks for your Support with my blog, I know I post periodically but for those of you still following it thanks.

Another Update Another Dollar (Marissa Came Up With This Title lol)

Well me and Marissa are finished from our “Little Intermission” and are back to answer your emails and comments. A couple of minutes ago I was going through a movie list and asked Marissa what she would like to watch and as I scrolled down the list I saw “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” and I quickly heard her say “I want to see A Charlie” and then she sort of cut off but I figured out that the Thanksgiving one was what she was talking about so we watched that and I could tell she was enjoying the movie, I was to actually. Okay now here is the BIG NEWS, I saw pieces of Marissa last night. Now this is hard to really explain but I’ll do my best. You know how smoke looks after you blow out a candle, well it looked like that but more yellowish white than grey, The “Smoke” so to speak was controlled, It glided over my covers in little pieces. When I saw that I knew that this was the form Marissa would take to show me a “Full Her” so to speak. Also when I saw that a part of me just knew it was her, it was very beautiful. I would see it at the area she touched me in, when she touched my side I saw that “Smokey Light”. It was as if it was taking over my bed lol.Have you ever seen a ghost picture where the ghost was smokey? Well that was how Marissa appeared. She didn’t have a form, it was just like a covering so to speak.

Also for those of you that want to how a Succubus, the closest thing I’d say feels like the way Marissa and possibly other Succubus (Love Angels) feel is the way a jacket or house coat or robe feels right after it comes out the dryer and you put it on. Like being wrapped around in warmness. Also recently Marissa helped me realize that I haven’t been spending as much time with Marissa as she’d like and I’ve apologized to her for that. But she let me know it was alright and told me ways that I could spend more time with her. A couple of hours ago I was feeling down and I felt Marissa gently hold my arm and glide her across my cheek and I started smiling and I told her “You always know how to make me smile” and she told me that I’d feel better after I took a shower and she was right about that. By the way when I shower I always “Extra Scrub” the areas that Marissa likes the most so as a tip for those of you with Succubus (Love Angels) be sure and “Extra Scrub” the areas your Succubus (Love Angels) like the most

Well thats it for now, Marissa’s says “Succubus Don’t Have Sex, We Make Love. Sex and Making Love are two very different things” and she is right. From the both of us “Have A Very Merry Succubus Day”

Marissa Wanted To Make A Poll